Pokémon GO evolution guide. Gallade, Froslass, Hitmontop, etc.

How to evolve Gallade in Pokémon GO? What about evolving Froslass? Hitmontop? Does Nincada evolve to Shedinja in Pokemon GO? Read on

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Pokemon Go evolves

Posted on December 5th, 2018 by Jay
Pokémon evolves

Pokemón GO evolution guide

By popular demand, we have put togheter a guide on how to evolve certain special Pokémon especially gen2 and gen4 ones which can be a bit tricky. Here you will find how to evolve the different Eeve versions like Umbreon and Espeon, but also how to evolve Sinnoh Pokémon like Gallade and Froslass.

Pokemón GO Gen 1 evolves

Right, we will dive straight in to it, and what better place to start than in the good ol' Kanto region? There are just a few that would be considered special, and let's with those would evolve from Eevee, namely Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon.
You see, Eevees evolutions are totally random, but fear not, there are ways to make sure you get the certain one you want. What you need to do is to rename Eevee to certain names to get the evolve you want:

Eevee evolution tricks.
Evolution What to rename your Eevee to: Generation
Vaporeon Rainer Gen 1
Jolteon Sparky Gen 1
Flareon Pyro Gen 1
Espeon Sakura Gen 2
Umbreon Tamao Gen 2
Leafeon Linnea Gen 4
Glaceon Rea Gen 4
Sylveon * Gen 6
* Not released yet, but be sure you will find them here when they are.

Keep in mind that these tricks only works once per Pokémon, so use them wisely!
Umbreon and Espeon are special, because you can make sure you will get them by other methods. What might those be you ask? -Well i will tell you right now;
To make sure you'll get an Espeon you have to walk 10km with the Eevee you want evolve, then make sure you evolve it during day time.
To make sure you'll get an Umbreon you have to walk 10km with the Eevee you want evolve, then make sure you evolve it during night time.
This trick works multiple times.
Update 2019-05-16 You can now purchase new types of Lures in Pokémon Go, Glacial Lure and Mossy Lure, and you can use these to evolve Glaceon and Leafeon respectively. Simply put the Lure in a Pokéstop, and evolve Eevee while close to it! That's it really, hope you have stocked up on Eevees and candies.

Eevee evolutions
Eevee has a ton of evolutions.

Next up are the gen 2 evolutions of Gloom and Poliwhirl which require a Sun Stone and a King's Rock respectively to evolve Bellossom and Politoed. You can also give Slowpoke a King's Stone to evolve Slowking, also a gen 2 evolution.
Onix needs a Metal Coat to for it's evolution to Steelix, as do Scyther to become the asskicking Scizor. The Pokémon both belong to gen 2.
Seadra needs a Dragon scale to evolve to Kingdra, and Porygon requires a Up-Grade to evolve Porygon2, which have a gen 4 evolution, which we will cover below.
We have now covered all the "special" gen 1 evolves which end up in generation 2 Pokémon.

Gen 1 Pokemón that needs a Sinnoh Stone for evolving (gen 4).

  • Lickitung evolves to Licklicky. Pokédex-filler.
  • Rhyhorn evolves to Rhydon. Everyone knows that. But now Rhydon evolves to Rhyperior, one of the strongest Pokémon to date.
  • Tangela evolves to Tangrowth. One of the strongest grass Pokémon.
  • Electabuzz evolves to Electivire, a very decent electric Pokémon.
  • Magmar evolves to Magmortar.

Update 2019-05-16 The question "how to evolve Magneton" has been answered, the evolution Magnezone, has now been released for Pokémon GO. You're gonna need of the new Lures, namely the Magnetic Lure. Simply use the Lure in a Pokéstop and evolve Magneton, and voila! Magnezone is yours.
How to get Probopass is the same story, use the Magnetic Lure on a Pokéstop and evolve Nosepass.

How to get Umbreon Evolve Porygon Tangrowth smogon rhyperior smogon electivire smogon

Pokemón GO Gen 2 evolves

Pokemón Generation 2 has a whole bunch of cross generation Pokémon, but only a few is deemed "special" for this guides purpose. Nevertheless, here they are;
We have the baby Pokémon Tyrogue which has 3 seemingly random Evolutions, namely Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop. How to evolve Hitmontop? is a very comon question, and a good one. There's a trick here, let us tell you what it is.

  • To evolve Tyrogue to Hitmonlee you will need a Tyrogue with the strongest attibute in ATTACK.
  • To evolve Tyrogue to Hitmonchan you will need a Tyrogue with the strongest attibute in DEFENSE.
  • How to evolve Hitmontop? You guess it, you will need a Tyrogue with the strongest attibute in STAMINA.

Gen 2 Pokemón that needs a Sinnoh Stone for evolving (gen 4).

  • Togetic the evolution of Togepi, evolves to the very strong Fairy Togekiss. Every dragons worst nightmare.
  • Yanma evolves to Yanmega.
  • Murkrow evolves to the decent Honchkrow.
  • Misdreavus evolves to the mediocre Mismagius.
  • Gligar evolves to Gliscor, a typical Pokédex filler.
  • Sneasel evolves to Weavile. A pretty good ice/dark Pokémon.
  • Swinub evolves to Piloswine in a standard fashion. However, Piloswine evolves to Mamoswine, a monstrous ice/ground Pokemón wiht a ton of HP.
  • Like we mentioned before, Porygon2 has a gen4 evolution, namely Porygon-Z.

Yanmega evolution Pokemon GO Tyrogue to Hitmontop Hitmontop evolve Porygon2 evolution Tyrogue smogon

Pokemón GO Gen 3 evolves

Generation 3 has a couple of tricky evolutions aswell. How to evolve Snorunt to get Froslass? How to evolve Kirlia to get Gallade? These questions will be answered below.
Wurmple has multiple evolutions, unfortunately there are no known tricks to get what you want. However, it just takes 12 candies to evolve Wurmple so it's no biggie.
How to evolve Feebas? How to evolve Milotic? -Feebas is a special case, it needs 100 candies and requires that you walk 20km with it as a friend. When you do, Milotic is yours.
Ralts evolves to Kirlia and Kirlia evolves to Gardevoir in a straightforward fashion, but how to evolve Kirlia to Gallade?
You will need a MALE version of Kirlia and a Sinnoh stone to get Gallade. Plus the 100 candies of course. Yeah, it's alot of work we know :(

evolve Gallade
You will need a MALE version of Kirlia to get Gallade

So what about Nincada? Does it evolve to Ninjask And Shedinja In Pokémon GO? The answer is that Nincada only evolves to Ninjask at the moment, and that Shedinja is only avaible in the quest.
The evolution of Clamperl (Pokemon #366) is a totally random affair, so if you want Gorebyss and Huntail in PoGo it seems like trading is your best option.
Snorunt is another special case. It evolves to Glalie without a fuzz, but what about Froslass?
The question how to evolve Snorunt to Froslass is indeed a good one, but the answer is quite simple. You will need a FEMALE version of Snorunt and a Sinnoh Stone to do it.

how to evolve Froslass
You will need a FEMALE version of Snorunt to get Froslass. That's how to get Froslass pokemon go
Snorunt evolution Gallade evolution how to evolve snorunt to froslass how to evolve kirlia into gallade evolve Feebas

Pokemón GO Gen 4 evolves

What gen 4 has in store for us is still a bit uncertain. For now, the only "special" evolution is Combee to Vespiquen. How to evolve Combee to Vespiquen then? -Well it's easy, all you need a FEMALE Combee and 50 candies and Vespiquen is yours.

How to evolve Combee to Vespiquen
You will need a FEMALE version of Combee to get Vespiquen.

Stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, read our article on Pokémon gen 8 evolutions.

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