Bärenpark expansion

Read on about the Bärenpark expansion, "Die Grizzlies sind los!" or "The grizzlys are loose!" here, we have the latest news.

Bärenpark expansion
Posted 16 February 2019 by Jay Kay

    Lookout Games are releasing a expansion for Bärenpark in 2019. It's at a prototype state at the moment, and it's called Die Grizzlies sind los!, which translates to The Grizzilies are loose!. This expansion will consist of three different modules, two "core" modules and one smaller module with new achievement tiles.

    The first core module consists of new tiles, the grizzly tiles, very big, hard-to-fit tiles which obviously means they are harder to fit in, but they also give more points. This also means you can finish your park faster if you go down this route... To accommodate more tiles in your park, you may now add a fifth park section.
    You can aquire one of the grizzly tiles by discarding two tiles in your personal supply.

    The second core module is the Monorail. Every time you place a green tile in your park, you are also allowed to place a monorail pillar on 1 space of the field you just placed. Then, you can place more pillars on new green fields, and if you have placed them correctly, you can then connect the two pillars with a monorail for points. Later on you can connect even more pillars on different fields by more monorails, for even more points.

    This expansion seems to give the game more options while not bringing anything revolutionary to the table.

    It's due some time in 2019, probably after the summer. Meanwhile, you can get the basegame here.

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