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This game is Poo Review

Posted March 24, 2021 by Jay Kay

A game about Poo you say? Is this game the shit or just crap? Let's find out.

Glass Road Review

Posted January 07, 2021 by Jay Kay

Uwe Rosenberg is famous for his rather large and meaty Euro game with loads of components and options. This one differs a bit and plays an important role in the designers arsenal of great games.

Marvel Legendary: Into the Cosmos

Posted December 06, 2020 by Jay Kay

This expansion can be considered the sequel to the classic expansion "Guardians of the Galaxy" that came out in 2014, with goodies like shards and more heroes for the GoG roster.

Corridors of Power

Posted 14 September 2020 by Jay Kay

Corridors of Power is a social game on the heavier side, with a political theme, in which players are trying to please their constituents and behind-the-scenes special interest groups by passing different political policies. Sounds like fun? It sure is, read on.

Schmidt puzzle: Four seasons

Posted 09 May 2020 by Jay Kay

When you are about to commit to a puzzle with 2000 pieces, you'd better know that the puzzle in question will be worth it. We got you. Check this puzzle out, it's one of our definitive favorites.

Monopoly Fortnite

Posted 09 November 2018 by Jay Kay

The immensely popular shooter game Fortnite has spawned a myriad of toys, clothes, and board games. Obviously there's a Monopoly version as well. Let's have a look at the Monopoly Fortnite rules and gameplay.

Sushi Go

Posted 06 April 2020 by Jonathan Nelson

Sushi Go is a game designed by Phil Walker-Harding, published by Gamewright. In this game, players will be diners eating at a sushi restaurant as they try to collect the best combinations of dishes available. They will score points from the cards that they collect. The player that is best able to score the right combinations and collect the most points will be declared the winner.

Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race

Posted 25 March 2017 by Jonathan Nelson

In Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race, players are part of a league of gentlemen adventurers from the British Empire in 1898. They will be trying to construct and launch a Moon rocket before the other players. The player that can best assemble their league’s rocket will be declared the winner.

Small World: Sky Islands

Posted 22 December 2019 by Jay Kay

Do you like Small World? Did you stop buying the expansions a couple of years back, because there were simple too many of them? Well, perhaps it's time to remedy that.

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart

Posted 16 November 2019 by Jay Kay

Another Monopoly edition, another Monopoly: Gamer edition. Any good? Maybe, have a look.

Marvel Legendary: World war Hulk

Posted 26 October 2019 by Jay Kay

In Legendary: World War Hulk, the 16th expansion for Marvel Legendary, the focus is, surprisingly enough, around the Hulk.
Kidding aside, this expansion lets the players dive into the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk storylines from Marvel Comics, which obviously will bring a lot of new characters into the Marvel: Legendary Deck Building Game, and also blurs out the lines between the "good" guys and the "bad" guys. Hulk is both. If you don't know what I mean go read the comics!
Mechanic-wise there is some news as well. We are gonna check those out, but please note that this review assumes you have played Marvel: Legendary before.

Terraforming Mars

Posted 18 May 2019 by Callan Bond

A huge variety of cards and a myriad of ways to chain them into powerful engines is the heart of Terraforming Mars, and this is what makes it into such an enjoyable game with high replay value. Enjoy this review by guest-star Callan Bond.

On Mars

Posted 27 April 2019 by William Aukes

William Aukes has been playtesting the new title by the renowned Vital Lacerda, for 5 months. Is it any good? Is it your next buy? Well, read on and find out!


Posted 05 December 2018 by Jay Kay

One could say this is a perfect filler game (You know, the kind of games you play between games or when you are waiting for someone. Or perhaps as a the last game when the hour is getting late).
-One would be right.
Biblios takes about 20-30 minutes to play including set up, it's easy to teach, packs a great amount of replayability, and appeals to newbies and hardcore gamers alike.

Tyrants of the Underdark

Posted 30 November 2018 by Jay Kay

This game was released in 2016 with what seemed like a big marketing campaign. For reasons beyond us it seems to have failed somewhat. One reason could be the theme of the game and the color palette, which for non D&D fans could be off putting. But you should never judge a book or a boardgame by the cover, should you?

Great Western Trail: Rails to the North

Posted 28 November 2018 by Jay Kay

This expansion revolves around a new extension board which contains new cities like Chicago, Detroit, and New York City, amongst others. The new board overlaps the uppermost part of the original board, covering the old ones.

Be advised that business is much more difficult on this rails, so players will want to take advantage of friendly hospitality by establishing branchlets and helping form towns. In addition to the new railway system, players will also discover new station master tiles, private buildings, and an expanded player board to offer more strategic depth in their decision making.

7 Wonders: Armada

Posted 25 November 2018 by Jay Kay

This 7 Wonders expansion allows you to build fleets of Ships to conquer the seas. New Armada and Island cards enrich the game and increase the interaction between players.

The flow of the game is slightly changed, but the victory conditions remain identical to those of the base game of 7 Wonders.

At the beginning of each Age, the players each get a hand of 8 cards. They will play an extra card during each Age. At any time a Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue card is played, the player will be able to move the ship of the same color one space, and access to various advantages.