This game is Poo Review

A game about Poo you say? Is this game the shit or just crap? Let's find out.

This game is Poo Review
Posted March 24, 2021 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Holly Chapman & Lewis Brown
  • Publisher: Hollew Games
  • Playercount: 2 - 6
  • Length: 20 - 45 min
  • Age: 7+


Right, so this is a game about Poo, but apart from that? It's a quick, light card game for families and groups of friends with a sense of humor.


  • 108 High quality cards with linen finish.


Each player is given 5 cards, and the rest of the cards go to a central deck. Each turn players will play action cards and collect pairs of point cards. When a player has a pair she must immediately put it face down on the table. The score cards range from 1 to 10, and you will only score the pairs, which you will do at the end of the game. After you have played you action cards and put down your pairs, you will draw a card from the deck and play continues with the next player, until the deck is depleted and the game will end there and then.

Action cards

Right, that sounds simple enough, which it really is. But dont forget about the butts. There are a few of them, and most of them are smeared down on action cards of different types. On a players turn she can play as many action cards as(s) she wants, and they all do different stuff. Like drawing more cards from the deck, stealing cards from other players, and the most important one; The Poopity Scoop which lets you scoop up a face down pair of score cards from an opponent. There are cards like the Tpoonami where you can block your opponents actions in a reactive kind of way. There are also action cards that do stuff on their own, but can be combined with other action cards for more powerful abilites, which is quite cool.

This game is Poo review
Here is an example of two cards that can be combined. Given the fact that you can play as many action cards you want, it's possible to get quite large chains if you wait for the right moment. :)
After players play their action cards, they all go to a collective discard pile put next to the deck, and some action cards can interact with this discard pile by taking cards from it for an example.
This game is Poo action cards
These two cards are very important, one lets you grab the juiciest pieces of steaming poo cards from the action card discard pile. The other lets you steal you opponents shit.

There are quite a bunch of action cards, and we wont spoil them all here and now. There you have it, This game is Poo, remember that the games ends immediately when the last card from the deck is drawn.


The good

  • Fast gameplay, you can play this in about 20 minutes.
  • Nice artwork.
  • Very nice quality cards.
  • The theme.
  • Fun.

The bad

  • Too simple for gamers.
  • The theme.


This is a nice, light, little game for families and like-minded adults that has a certain type of humor. The game is suprisingly fun and actually have a some cool mechanics gaming-wise, but not enough for serious gaming groups. Our rating: 7/10 For more information about this game please visit Hollew Games.

Currently on Amazon UK for about 7 bucks.