Marvel Legendary: Midnight Sons

Marvel Legendary is continuing its onslaught of expansions, the next one in line is the Midnight Sons expansion which will feature Blade and Morbius, among other characters.

Marvel Legendary: Midnight Sons
Posted November 30, 2022 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Devin Low

The expansion will take place in the "Rise of the Midnight Sons" story line from the 90:s which consisted of several books with characters like Morbius, Blade, Frank Drake, Danny Ketch as Ghostrider, among others. The team got togheter to stop the mighty "mother of all demons", Lilith from getting resurrected. So our guess is that these characters will be included in the set. Also, there's a video coming out, Midnight Suns, which has to do with the same story line. One would suspect this might be connected to this somehow. This expansion is said to be released in March -23, and it will consist of the standard 100 cards. The said release date is very likely to change, thought, as the Legendary series has been plagued by delays for quite some time now. Anyway, back to the information about Midnight Sons. Besides Lilith as a Mastermind, the demon Zarathos is very likely to join her in making players lives miserable:

The demon Zarathos is likely to join the Marvel Legendary series
The demon Zarathos is likely to join the Marvel Legendary series

Zarathos is likely to lead The Fallen and Lilith is bound to have the Children of Lilith with her. These are all speculations so far, of course, but are pretty sure these will show up in what looks like a great Marvel Legendary expansion.

Salomé with Blood Frenzy
Salomé the Sorceress Supreme is a villain from the 'Fallen' group. Notice the new keyword 'Blood Frenzy' and also notice that she will do stuff whenever there's a master strike. Cool stuff. Also, notice she will interact with the 'Marvel Knights' hero group which indicates that there will be mainly Marvel Knights in this set.

So, without further ado, here's our speculations among with the stuff that has been more or less confirmed:


  • Morbius (confirmed)
  • Blade (confirmed)
  • Jack Russel, Werewolf by Night (confirmed)
  • Elsa Bloostone (confirmed)
  • Wong (confirmed)
  • Ghost Rider in some form?
  • Dr. Strange is some fancy form?


  • Lilith (confirmed)
  • Zarathos (confirmed) Note that these two comes in "Epic" versions as well. Good luck with that.


  • Lilin (Children of Lilith, confirmed)
  • The Fallen (confirmed)


  • Blood Frenzy (new, confirmed)
  • Hunt for Victims (new, confirmed)
  • Haunt (new, confirmed)
  • Patrol (returning keyword from Secret Wars #2)
  • Moonlight and Sunlight (returning keyword)
  • Walking Nightmare
  • Rise of the Living Dead


  • Something to do with the Medalion of Power?
  • Rip open the walls to Shadowside?
  • Midnight Massacre
  • Wager at Blackjack for Heroes' Souls
  • Sire Vampires at the Blood Bank (confirmed)
  • Ritual Sacrifice to Summon Chthon, which is also a Mastermind, very cool (confirmed)
Salomé with Blood Frenzy
Ritual Sacrifice to Summon Chthon is also a mastermind, **Great Old One Chthon** a totally new mechanic never seen before. We like. We like a lot. If you have a closer look, it looks like this Mastermind can actually destroy players! Wow! Also, note that except the very nasty mastermind, the new keyword **Hunts for Victims** is also in use here.

As soon as we get more news on this, we will update the post. This post is fully updated with all the information you need. Also, we're back on reporting of Marvel Legendary content from a hiatus, so keep your eyes open for more Marvel Legendary expansions coming out in 2023!

This expansion has been released, get it at GameNerdz or Amazon.

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