Marvel Legendary: Into the Cosmos

The next upcoming expansion for Marvel Legendary will be Into the Cosmos. Here are our speculations.

Updated: 2020-08-20 (The content is all confirmed)

The new mutants are already among us, tearing stuff up. The next upcoming expansion for Marvel Legendary will be Into the Cosmos.

The set will probably be a 200 card set like Revelations, which is the new size of the Big Box expansions. This would mean 9 heroes and 3 masterminds.

We suspect there will be characters linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy and other loose folk from around the galaxy.

Here are our speculations:


According to Upper Deck, most of the heroes will be affiliated to Guardians of the Galaxy, so our speculations below will only be partly correct. This ist below contains both old speculations and confirmed heroes.

  • Yondu Earth-691 (Guardian of the Galaxy) -confirmed
  • Nebula Earth-616 -confirmed
  • Ronan the Accuser (Unaffiliated) -confirmed
  • Phyla-Vell (Guardians of the Galaxy) -confirmed
  • Nova (Avengers) -confirmed
  • Moondragon (Avengers) -confirmed
  • Quasar (Avengers) -confirmed
  • Captain Mar-Vell (Avengers) -confirmed
  • Adam Warlock (Avengers) -confirmed


  • Ronan the Accuser
  • Magus (Always Leads: Universal Church of Truth) -confirmed
  • Grandfather (Always Leads: Elders of the Universe) -confirmed
  • The Beyonder (Always Leads: From Beyond) -confirmed

Villain Groups

  • The Black Order of Thanos -confirmed
  • The Celestials -confirmed
  • From Beyond -confirmed
  • Elders of the Universe -confirmed

Henchmen Groups

  • Universal Church of Truth -confirmed
  • Sidera Maris, Bridge Builders -confirmed

Keywords / Mechanics

These have now been confirmed:

  • The return of Shards. These are tokens that you can spend to get +1 Strenth. You will gain them from card effects.
  • Burn [x] Shards. Spend x Shards to get extra effects, like drawing cards.
  • Danger Sense. This keyword returns from the Spiderman Homecoming set. This mechanic let's you look at the top cards of the villain deck and get plus attack per villain revealed.
  • The return of Cosmic Threat. This keyword makes the enemy weaker if you have the right type class on the hero. In fact, they get -3 strength per card you reveal, so the mighty celestials might be easy to defeat with the right card classes.
  • Celestial Boon. The Celestials are very strong opponents, but they will generate great rewards when defeated. They will grant a permanent buff for the rest of the game, like +1 card per round etc. Nice!
  • Contest of Champions. When cards with this keyword takes effect, players will reveal a card from their hand/discard pile, and the villain/mastermind will reveal the top two (typically) cards from the hero deck, and then compare the cost of these cards. The winner(s) gets rewards and the loosers gets punished.

This set is probably coming out late summer or early fall this year, but these are uncertain times, so we can just wait and see. As always, we will keep you posted.

This set sure looks awesome with cool villains like Proxima Midnight and menacing Celestials

The expansion is out now. Go grab it already

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