Monopoly Fortnite

Another Monopoly version, is it any good? Maybe, check out this review! Also, if you are looking for the rules we will go over them all. Enjoy

Monopoly Fortnite
Posted 09 November 2018 by Jay Kay
  • Publisher: Hasbro
  • Playercount: 2 - 7
  • Length: 20 - 60 min

The immensely popular shooter game Fortnite has spawned a myriad of toys, clothes, and board games. Obviously there's a Monopoly version as well. Let's have a look at the Monopoly Fortnite rules and gameplay. We also have rule sheets in Swedish and German at the end of the article.


  • Gameboard
  • 27 Characters (Cardboard with plastic stands)
  • 15 Storm cards
  • 16 Location cards
  • 16 Loot Chest cards
  • 8 Wall cards
  • 1 Normal 6-sided die
  • 1 Action die
  • 110 Health Point tokens
  • Monopoly Fortnite rule sheet
Monopoly Fortnite components and rules.
Monopoly Fortnite components and rules.

Object of the game

Unlike the normal Monopoly, the goal of the Fortnite edition is to kill the other players. The last person standing is the winner! To achieve this, you will claim locations, shoot the other players, and avoid getting trapped in the Storm!


  1. Place the board on a surface where everyone can reach it.
  2. Place the Health Point (HP) tokens within reach of all players. This is the HP pile.
  3. Shuffle the Loot chest and Storm cards, and place them facedown on their respective place on the board.
  4. Place the location cards next to their matching board spaces outside the board.
  5. Each player starts the game with 15 HP tokens. Note that under no circumstances can you have more than 15 HP, and when you run out of them, your character is dead and you are out of the game.
  6. Each player chooses a character, then rolls the numbered die. The highest roller has the first choice of where they'll start the game and places their character in that space. Character placement moves to the left. On your first turn, do not perform the action of your starting space.


That's it! You are ready to go.


Here follows the rules and the gameplay, which are straightforward. On your turn you will;

  • Roll both dice, move your character the number of spaces on your normal die, then perform the action on the Action die.
  • At the end of your turn, if you landed on or passed GO, flip over the top Storm card. The card will tell you which board space you must permanently cover with the deadly Storm.

You may also trade locations and loot chests with other players at any time of your turn.

Board Spaces

  • When you land on a location, and no other player has claimed it, you may claim it (take it) for yourself. You don't pay anything, just take the card. 
  • If you have claimed both locations of a given color, you get 2 HP each time you land on any of these. Remember, you cannot get more than 15 HP, ever.
  • If you land on another player's location, you must get rid of the number of HP shown on the board. The HP tokens go back to the HP pile.
  • If you land on a location taken by the Storm, you must pay the number of HP shown on the card to the HP pile.

Whenever you pass go, collect 2 HP from the pile and flip over the top Storm card at the end of your turn.

Free Parking

Nothing happens in this space. A good place to shoot people from, though.


Gain 1 HP from the pile.

Spike Trap

 Pay 1 HP to the pile.

Loot Chest

When you land here, draw a Loot chest card. There are two kinds, one that you will keep for the rest of the game, and one type that is one-time use. You may use these at your turn during the game, and you may also use multiple cards to create powerful combinations. After you have used a one-time card, put it at the bottom of the Loot chest deck.

Just Visiting

Move your character to the Just Visiting space of the Jail.

Go to Jail

If you land on Go to Jail, you must do the following;

  1. Move your character to Jail, without passing GO. If the Storm has taken the space, you lose 2 HP, but you are not in Jail. You can move normally on your next turn.
  2. Draw a Storm card, and put it o the corresponding space on the board, like normal.

Your turn is now over./p>

While you are in Jail
  • Players may still attack you.
  • If the Storm takes the Jail space while you are there, you do not lose 2 HP.
  • You may pay 2HP to get out of Jail on your turn after that just roll the 2 dice and have a normal turn.
  • Or, you may roll the numbered die, if you roll 6 you get out of Jail for free, and if not, your turn is over.
  • If you're on the Jail space when the Storm takes it, you get out of Jail for free! Move normally on your next turn.

The Action Die

The action die has 4 different symbols on it, all which let's you do the corresponding action:

  • Bandage - Gain 2 HP.
  • Crosshairs - You may now shoot any player in your line of sight, as in, if they are on the same side of the board as you. If you are in a corner you may target players on 2 sides. The target pays 1 HP to the pile. Some loot cards let you modify this action, so be on the lookout!
  • Brick - When you roll a brick, move, and complete the action of that space. Then place a wall, standing up, on any space in your path. When another player reaches a wall, that player must stop there and perform the action on that space. After that, the wall is removed. Players may also target the wall by shooting it like they would a player to get rid of the wall before moving.
  • Boogie Bomb - When you roll this bad boy, all other players lose 1 HP to the Bank, and all walls are destroyed.

Storm Cards

At the end of a turn when you landed or passed GO, or have gone to Jail, you must draw a Storm Card. The card will tell you which space is being taken by the Storm, it can be on a certain board space, or, if a location is being taken by the Storm, the card will ask you to place that space's location card Storm-side up on that space.

When you land on a location taken by the Storm, you must pay the number of HP shown on the card to the Bank. When you land on any other board space taken by the Storm, you must pay 2 HP to the Bank.

Do not carry out the action of a space if the Storm has taken it.

Once Storm cards have been placed, they can't be moved. If the Storm takes a space while you're on it, you do not lose 2 HP.

Running out of HP

You're out of the game! Take your character of the board, any Loot chest items your had is dropped on the spot your character died. The next person landing on that spot picks them up! 
Any location cards you might have had are placed on their matching spaces with the Storm side up.

End of the Game

The game ends when there is one player left standing.


The good
  • Fast-paced, and action-filled.
  • Fun to play with Fortnite-fans.
  • Not anything like normal Monopoly. 
  • The Fortnite theme is well implemented.
The bad
  • The quality of the components is so-so, but the game is cheap so no surprise there.
  • If you are a Monopoly fan, you will be disappointed as the properties part of the game is very light. Also, you can't buy hotels, etc.
  • English rulebook pdf is impossible to find. Good thing you are here :)


A totally decent, light, filler game that can amuse kids and adults alike, especially Fortnite fans. It might actually be the best Monopoly game out there. Recommended, 7/10.

That's it, feel free to post any questions you might have below.


This game should cost you around 20 bucks.

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