Marvel Legendary: New Mutants

Here's what we know about the upcoming Legendary expansion, New Mutants.

Updated 2020-04-20

The next upcoming expansion to Marvel Legendary is "The New Mutants". This refers to a group of X-men, who has previously appeared in Legendary as special bystanders in the X-Men expansion.

New Mutants members Magik and Cannonball have already appeared in the game as playable characters in Secret Wars, Vol. 1 expansion, and the X-Men expansion respectively, so our guess is that we can rule those heroes out. This is probably going to be a 100-card set, given the material.
With that in mind, here are our speculations:
Here is the confirmed list of heroes:


  • Karma
  • Mirage
  • Sunspot
  • Warlock
  • Wolfsbane

Magma and Cannonball would have been other candidates as well, but not this time around.

Warlock New Mutants.
The new Mutant Warlock, with two new keywords; Sunlight and Moonlight. More on those below.

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  • Belasco
  • Emma Frost, The White Queen
Emma Frost, The White Queen.
Emma Frost, The White Queen, with a new keyword, Waking Nightmare

So,  let's go over the new keywords:

  • Moonlight - This keyword applies when most of the heroes in the HQ have odd-numbered costs.
  • Sunlight - No suprise here, the direct opposite to Moonlight. (even-numbered costs). In the case of a tie, neither of these effects applies.
  • Waking Nightmare - means "Discard a non-grey Hero from your hand. If you discard a Hero this way, draw a card."

Moonlight and Sunlights sound like fun, now players should be mindful of what card to buy and what time, and the number of cool combos with cards from other sets are probably infinite :).

Waking Nightmare sounds like a real annoyance, having to discard that awesome card that you were gonna use in a combo only to draw a grey Hero or a Wound. Hm.

What do you guys reckon?

The expansion is out! Run! Go get it!

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