Marvel Legendary: Revelations

Unlike Legendary: Dimensions, this one looks pretty solid, with heroes like War Machine, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver, cool Masterminds and fresh mechanics.

Another expansion for the successful Marvel: Legendary series is coming out in August. This time, we will have heroes like Scarlet WitchQuicksilver and War Machine joining our ranks to battle the mastermind The Hood, among others. The set will also feature the Mandarin, which looks like a really cool Mastermind with some fresh ideas. When it comes to villain groups, the set will feature cool villains like the Dark Avengers.

There will also be a TON of added mechanics; 

  • Dark Memories New keyword: When this keyword appears on a Villain or Mastermind, it gets +1 Attack for each Hero Class among cards in your discard pile. When this keyword appears on a Hero, you get +1 Attack for each Hero Class among cards in your discard pile.
  • Hyperspeed X New keyword: Reveal the top X cards of your deck. You get +1 Attack for each card with an Attack icon you revealed this way. Discard all those cards.
  • Hyperspeed X for Recruit Does the same effect for Recruit. Hyperspeed X for Recruit and Attack does the same effect for both.
  • Last Stand. New Keyword: This basically means, for each empty city space, the villain or hero with Last Stand gets +1 strength.
    Dark Wolverine
    Dark Wolverine with the Last Stand keyword.
  • Double-sided schemes. This set will feature schemes that change during play, at some point, you may have to flip the scheme and a different ruleset will be applied. Cool!
  • Locations. Marvel Legendary: Revelations introduces a whole new concept; Locations. Locations are in the villain deck and when revealed takes a spot above the closest city space that does not already have a location. Location interacts with the villains in the same city space in various ways, can be fought, and have their own fighting values and fight effects. Cool stuff.
Marvel Legendary location
An example of a Location.
Living Laser
Living Laser gets stronger together with a Maze Location.

This set will have 200 cards, so it's a big expansion, and the cards will be distributed this way:

  • 9 Heroes
  • 4 Villain Groups
  • 2 Henchman Groups
  • 3 Double-Sided Epic Masterminds
  • 4 Double-Sided Transforming Schemes
  • 3 Special Bystanders

Confirmed heroes so far are Captain Marvel, Photon, Hellcat, Quicksilver, Ronin, Scarlet Witch, Speed, and War Machine.

Confirmed Masterminds: Mandarin, The Hood, and Grim Reaper. These will be double-sided. Oh yes.

Marvel Legendary: Revelations release day is 21th of August.

Captain Marvel agent of SHIELD
Captain Marvel agent of SHIELD with the Last Stand keyword. Freaking awesome, perhaps something soon-to-be in the MCU movies?

 This expansion is out, get it on Amazon or eBay should cost about 20 dollars.

Our favorite Marvel: Legendary expansions so far:

Marvel Legendary: Dark City

This one is the very first expansion you should get. Introduces a ton of new mechanics, heroes (Cable, Blade, Elektra, Punisher and so on.) and villains, like Apocalypse and Kingpin. Unfortunately, it's out of print at the moment, and if you come across it somewhere, get it!

Marvel Legendary: World war Hulk

This one takes place on "Planet Hulk", obviously starring more Hulk characters, which is always good, and villains like The Red King and The Sentry. It also introduces a couple of new mechanics.

Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars Volume 1

Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars Volume 2

The secret war expansions or thematically not for everybody, but they sure bring A LOT of cool characters, villains, schemes, bystanders, masterminds, etc to the mix. Who doesn't want to wreak havoc with The Captain and the Devil or Black Panther? Who doesn't want to defeat the Spider Queen? We challenge you to defeat Zombie Green Goblin with a decent scheme. Good luck.

Marvel Legendary: Paint the Town Red

Considered to be one of the weakest expansions, but we love spidey, so we love this expansion. Also, you'll get a Carnage mastermind, which is hella-nasty.

Revelations should cost around 20 bucks, check it out at these online stores

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