Res Arcana expansion

An expansion for the popular card game Res Arcana is the works, read about it here.

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Res Arcana expansion "Lux et Tenebrae"

Posted on September 26th, 2019 by Jay
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Res Arcana expansion "Lux et Tenebrae"

An expansion for Thomas Lehmanns Res Arcana is in the works. It's called Res Arcana: Lux et Tenebrae and is due sometime later this year, probably arriving before Christmas.

We have some updates on the content:

4 new mages

Beastmaster, Bard, Demonologist, and Diviner, let's have a look at the first two, shall we.

Res Arcana: Bard
When you turn the bard, gain an essence (not gold). Turn the Bard and discard a demon, to gain 2 gold.
Res Arcana: Beastmaster
Turn the Beastmaster and spend one Life to place 3 Life on the card. Second ability; turn the Beastmaster and a creature to gain 2 essence (not gold).

4 new Monuments

Warrior's Hall, Dark Cathedral, Demon Workshop, and Alchemical Lab. Again, let's check out the first two of the lot:

Res Arcana: Warrior's Hall
First of, collect one Elan essence per round. Turn the card; EVERYONE collects one Elan. Worth 2 VP.
Res Arcana: Dark Cathedral
Collect 1 Death essence per turn, "React to checking Victory" > Turn this card and a demon. > +1 VP for this check. Also worth 2 VP. Puh.

4 new Places of Power

Crystal Keep, Temple of the Abyss, and Gate of Hell confirmed so far. Here's the Temple:

Res Arcana: Temple of the Abyss
6 Calm, 3 Death. Turn it and spend 2 Life -> ALL players straighten a demon. Spend 2 Calm and 2 Death to place 1 Calm on it. Turn a Demon to place 1 Calm on the Temple. It's worth 1 VP per Calm on the Card. Interesting!

12 new Artifacts

At least 7 new demons, 1 dragon, and 1 beast, The Golden Lion.Here's two of the Demons:

Res Arcana: Vortex of Destruction
Vortex of Destruction means business.
Res Arcana: Shadowy Figure
Shadowy Figure sure looks... Shadowy.

2 new Magic Items

Inscription and Illusion, looking forward to more information on these!


Scrolls are one-time usable items added to the game for better scalability.

Description from the publisher

Res Arcana: Lux et Tenebrae adds 4 new Places of Power, 12 artifacts, 4 mages, 4 monuments, and 2 magic items to Res Arcana. It also extends the game to five players, adds scaling rules for fewer players, and introduces two new things: scrolls and Demons.


You can preorder this at Gamenerdz below for about 16 bucks. Do it. Do it.