Uwe Rosenberg

games by the famous German designer Uwe Rosenberg, Caverna, Agricola, Glass Road, Gates of Loyang, to name a few.

Glass Road Review

Review posted January 07, 2021 by Jay Kay

Uwe Rosenberg is famous for his rather large and meaty Euro game with loads of components and options. This one differs a bit and plays an important role in the designers arsenal of great games.

Reprint of Glass Road 2021

News posted January 07, 2021 by Jay Kay

The old classic Glass Road has been out of print for quite some time. Its rerelease is in the making though, and is estimated to hit the stores in the middle of 2021.

Caverna: The Forgotten Folk

News posted 31 January 2019 by Jay Kay

Caverna: The Forgotten Folk is being released in the US as we speak. It's an expansion for Uwe Rosenbergs behemoth Caverna, and one interesting thing is that it originated as a fan project on BoardGameGeek, and Caverna publisher Lookout Games decided to work with the designer to develop this material and release it as an official expansion.