Friedemann Friese

Friedemann Friese is the man behind Power Grid, Futuropia, Fauna, 504, among other great games.

New version of Power Grid

News posted 11 December 2018 by Jay Kay

The publisher 2F-Spiele and the designer Friedemann Friese has announced a "Recharged Version" of the classic game, which will replace the old base game, to celebrate Power Grid's 15th anniversary.

The changes will be minimal graphic wise, with rule changes only to improve gameplay such as the updated player order with two rows (as in Power Grid deluxe) so that players can more easily identify who has already taken their turn.

Futuropia by Friedemann Friese

News posted 10 December 2018 by Jay Kay

Friedemann Friese, the man behind the excellent game "Power Grid", is the designer of this Economic City Building game, which comes out in January!

We are excited about this, Friedemann usually deliveres SOLID titles.