Machi Koro 2

Machi Koro 2 is soon to be released on the US/EU market, let's see what's what. Machi Koro 1 vs Machi Koro 2.

Machi Koro 2
Posted August 11, 2021 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Masao Suganuma

A successor to the very popular, light, city-building game is coming to your tables this year. Let's see what's what, and let's see how it compares to Machi Koro 1. The nature of the game is very much like the first game, players roll dice, and if the roll matches any of the numbers on your (or your opponents!) cards there will be money to be made, and you can spend those on getting more buildings, so you can make more money, so you can be the first to build all the landmarks and win the game. So far so good. In making Machi Koro 2, they have streamlined the game a bit, and tweaked some of the cards to make them more balanced;

  • They have included the City Hall from the Harbor expansion, which means you will get +1 coin if you don't have any money in the buy phase.
  • You may choose to roll one of two dice from the very start of the game, essentially getting rid of the Train Station.
  • The different types of cards, 1-6 cards, 7-12 cards, and landmarks have been separated with different backs and put into three rows with 5 cards each. So there will be 15 different cards to choose from. Copies of the same cards are stacked.
  • All players start with 5 coins, and in the first rounds, each player gets to buy their starting cards. You can choose to spend all your coin or save some. There will be a maximum of 3 starting cards per player.
  • Players will now race to buy landmarks from the row rather than having their own. When someone buys 3 landmarks, the game is over. Landmarks also have 3 different costs depending on when you build them, for example, the landmark IT Venture costs either 10, 14, or 22 depending on if it's the first, second, or third landmark you build.
  • The game comes with a reference card with probabilities for each roll, and which cards have which number.
  • The game supports 2 - 5 players from the getgo.

There will be a couple of returning cards, like Wheat Field, that has changed a bit (getting everyone money on roll 1 AND 2), and some of the classic cards are also in the game intact. Obviously, there will be new cards as well.

Machi Koro 2
Here's a nice picture of some of the cards, you can see some classic cards exactly like they were in Machi Koro 1, and some old cards that has chnaged a bit. There is also a couple of new ones, and the artwork remains pretty much the same.

Machi Koro 1 vs Machi Koro2

So, with all this in mind, how will the Machi Koro 1 vs Machi Koro 2 discussion be? Is getting Machi Koro 2 when you already have the first one be worth it? We would say, if you don't own any expansions to the first game, Machi Koro 2 is a great buy. But if you have Machi Koro 2 with all the expansions, maybe getting number two is redundant. With that said, Machi Koro 2 will definitely bring new stuff to the table, and make an already great family game even better.

Machi Koro 2 Release

So when will Machi Koro 2 be released? The answer is; October the 6th 2021. But in these trying times, that might be subject to change. We will keep you posted.

You can preorder the game for just 20 dollars! w00t?!

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