Marvel Legendary: MCU The Infinity Saga

Yet another expansion is due for the wildly popular Marvel Legendary, this time a MCU version, which will contain photos from the movies rather than drawed graphics. Let's have a look at Marvel Legendary - The Infinity Saga.

Marvel Legendary: MCU The Infinity Saga
Posted February 03, 2023 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Devin Low

The expansions will cover the MCU version of the Infinity Saga which we've all seen on the cinemas. But, which heroes, villians, masterminds (except for Thanos, duh) will we see coming out? Which mechanics will return? We will go over what's currently known, don't worry.

Also, like stated above, keep in mind that this a MCU expansion so it will fit best with Marvel Studios Phase 1 Base Set, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, when it comes to combining it with other expansions. Let's have a look at some of the cards:

Black Panther and captain America
Here's a card with Black Panther and Captain America. Notice the multi-class mechanic returning from Secret Wars
Doctor Strange Infinity Saga
Doctor Strange returns again, here with the Avengers affiation. The keyword Phasing returns from Legendary: Civil War

Keyword: Sacrifice

A new keyword, Sacrifice is going to be included in the set, and it basically means you can KO the card itself to get extra abilities that round. For an example, a new Black Panther card has this ability; Sacrifice: KO up to two cards from your hand and/or discard pile Which means, if you KO the card itself, you will get to KO two additional cards. These abilities are always optional.

And here we go, on to our usual speculations:


  • Black Panther (confirmed)
  • Doctor Strange (confirmed)
  • Bruce Banner (confirmed)
  • Captain America & Black Widow
  • Ant-Man & Wasp


  • Thanos (confirmed)
  • Loki


  • Black Order (confirmed)
  • Some Loki affiliated villains?


  • Phasing (confirmed)
  • Multi-Class Cards (confirmed)
  • Sacrifice (new, confirmed)


  • Sacrifice for the Soul Stone (confirmed)
  • ?

As always, we will keep you posted on any updates on this, as of now the release date has been postponed as it was supposed to be release late 2022.

This expansion has not been released, but meanwhile, you should get a hold of Legendary - MCU 10th Anniversary as it is the 'base game' of t he MCU style Legendary.

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