Anachrony Fractures of Time

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Mindclash Games is releasing the much anticipated expansion to Anachrony, Fractures of Time, on Kickstarter. Fractures adds a new area for worker placement, the Amythenia Valley, an area where humanity has learned to survive and collect the powerful Flux resource. Flux can be used to allow Exosuited workers to “blink” – essentially existing in two worker spaces at once. However the Fracture Devices used to create Flux are far from perfect, and must be maintained by the new Operator worker type, or else temporal glitches ensue. Fractures of Time also adds a 5th faction to the game, the Path of Unity, consisting of dissidents from the other 4 factions, residing in a capitol city sent back from the future. Also in the expansion are a new Exosuit type – the Paladin, and a new Solo mode, as well as a giant Infinity Box, if you back the expansion + base game, to hold everything together. 

This expansion is designed by Richard Amann, Viktor Peter, and Dávid Turczi.

Oh, and here's the link to the kickstarter. Check out the latest expansion, Anachrony: Future Imperfect containing the stretch goals from this Kickstarter.

Check out this video of the base game in action. 

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