Anachrony: Future Imperfect

The modules Hypersync, Quantum Loops, and Intrigues of the Council are contained in this expansion for Anachrony called Future Imperfectalled

We covered the Anachrony: Fractures of Time Kickstarter a year back, and in this Kickstarter, there were a couple of expansion modules included as stretch goals. Those are now contained in this box called Anachrony: Future Imperfect. Let's have a look.

The modules are independent of each other and can be combined with all other expansion modules. There's 3 of them:

Hypersync allows you to perform a Capital action without actually placing an Exosuit, then in the future use the new Hypersync Action to make your placement affect the past. This puts a strain on the space-time continuum, increasing the risk of Paradoxes, but often the risk is worth the reward and the flexibility.

Quantum Loops makes you no longer limited to warping from your own timeline: the module opens up parallel universes where resources are more plentiful, the locals are eager to join your cause, or their technology allows you to shortcut your own travels through time. 

Intrigues of the Council simulates the World Council's political machinations, bringing two new aspects to the game: another layer of player interaction and customizable endgame scoring objectives, influenced by the players. By sending Exosuits to the right place at the right time, players can receive bonus resources and compete to build a tableau of Agenda tiles, which replaces the base game's Endgame Condition scoring.

The first two seem to be built on risky gameplay, push-your-luck mechanics if you will, and the last one replaces the base's game endgame condition scoring.

We are told this box is being released in August. Let's see.

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