D&D: Adventure Begins

A quick entry to Dungeons and Dragons you say? Well, maybe.

A product labeled as "a quick entry to Dungeons and Dragons" is being released on the first of October 2020 according to the publisher Hasbro. Let's have a quick look, shall we?

The game is essentially a coop dungeon crawler, but unlike traditional games in the genré, the role of the Dungeon Master passes from player to player each turn, which sounds like a fresh winter breeze coming down from the Spine of the World. Speaking of the which, the setting for the adventures is the famous Neverwinter area in Faerun.

Players are able to customize their heroes to some extent, but you are tied to the 4 different characters the Elf Bard, the Dragonborn Rouge, the Dwarf Fighter, or the Human Sorcerer.

The adventures take place in different dungeons built by a modular board, and there they will battle all kinds of classic D&D monsters using dice, item cards, and obviously the skills of the monsters and bosses to roll for damage, etc.

At the end of each adventure, the players will fight an iconic boss monster, like a Green Dragon or a Beholder. Defeat this boss, and victory will be yours!

D&D: Adventure Begins components.
The components of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Begins

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