Jaws Board game

Jaws board game sounds like fun? Hell yes it does, one player playing the shark and the rest are playing Hooper, Brody, or Quint, trying to kill it.. Read on

Jaws Board game
Posted 20 February 2019 by Jay Kay

    Prospero Hall, the makers Villainous and Jurassic Park: Danger!, and Ravensburger have announced that Jaws is coming for to your gaming table in June 2019. For those of you unfamiliar with Jaws: It's a huge shark that eats pretty much everything in it's way, and it derives from the classic movie with the same name. Kinda lika the "The Meg" but, you know, good.

    The game revolves around 1-3 players hunting the menace of the sea, and one player playing the shark. The "human" players take the roles of Brody, Quint, and Hooper from the movie. (Again, go see the movie if you haven't!).
    Character and event cards define player abilities and create game actions for humans and the shark. Gameplay is divided into two phases; The Amity Island and the Orca, the finale, where players are to hunt down the shark with their way too small boat.

    In the Amity island phase, the human players are trying to find and capture the shark, while the shark is eating as many innocent swimmers, surfers, toddlers, etc as possible :)

    The boat
    You're gonna need a bigger boat!

    Eventually the game with enter phase 2, where the players have their chance on killing the Shark. But then again, the shark could sink the boat and then the players are down shit creek with no paddle, except it's the middle of the ocean and there's a hungry killer shark about to eat them. Personally i would go for the shit creek.

    Number of players: 2-4
    Playing time: About 60 minues.

    Like stated above, the Jaws board game is due in June, but meanwile, why don't you try out other games from the same designers? Like Villainous or Jurassic Park: Danger.

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