Marvel Legendary: Dimensions

And yet another Marvel: Legendary expansion is upon us, this time with heroes like Man-thing and Squirrel Girl. Meh? Meh.

Another expansion for Marvel Legendary is due in May! It's a small expansion, as in 100 cards, it will contain a new keyword, Switcheroo (explained below), and two returning ones, Investigate and Teleport from Noir and Dark City/Secret Wars respectively.
As the previous small expansions, there will be 5 new heroes, 2 new henchman groups, but only one new mastermind, to make room for 5 new bystanders.

A couple of the cards will be reprints of original content from 2015 Marvel 3D trading card set, and without further ado, here's the content:


  • Howard the Duck (reprint)
  • Jessica Jones
  • Man-Thing (reprint)
  • Ms. America
  • Squirrel Girl
Man-Thing in Marvel Legendary :)
Man-Thing in Marvel Legendary :)
Howard the Duck
Goddamnit Howard, stay out this game.


  • J. Jonah Jameson / Epic J. Jonah Jameson


  • Circus of Crime (reprint)
  • Spider-Slayer (reprint)
Circus of Crime
Hm, Circus of Crime is easy-mode.
Spider Slayer
The name would suggest that cards that costs 2 would be KO'ed, but no. Easy-mode


  • Bulldozer Driver (reprint)
  • Double Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (reprint)
  • Fortune Teller (reprint)
  • Photographer (reprint)
  • Fork Lift Driver


To use Switcheroo you reveal the card from your hand and put it on the bottom of the Hero Deck. If you do, you may put a Hero from HQ into your hand. The Hero card you choose must have a recruit card equal to the number printed with the keyword. So when using Nut Punch from Squirrel Girl (Switcheroo 4) you may place Nut Punch on the bottom of the deck and grab a new Hero card from HQ that costs exactly 4 recruit points.

Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl with the new keyword Switcheroo

Marvel Legendary: Dimensions will hit the stores May 22, 2019.
Stay tuned for more information!

Our favorite Marvel: Legendary expansions so far:

Marvel Legendary: Dark City

This one is the very first expansion you should get. Introduces a ton of new mechanics, heroes (Cable, Blade, Elektra, Punisher and so on.) and villains, like Apocalypse and Kingpin. Unfortunately, it's out of print at the moment, and if you come across it somewhere, get it!

Marvel Legendary: World war Hulk

This one takes place on "Planet Hulk", obviously starring more Hulk characters, which is always good, and villains like The Red King and The Sentry. Also introduces a couple of new mechanics.

Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars Volume 1

Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars Volume 2

The secret war expansions or thematically not for everybody, but they sure bring A LOT of cool characters, villains, schemes, bystanders, masterminds, etc to the mix. Who doesn't want to wreak havoc with The Captain and the Devil or Black Panther? Who doesn't want to defeat the Spider Queen? We challenge you to defeat Zombie Green Goblin with a decent scheme. Good luck.

Marvel Legendary: Paint the Town Red

Considered to be one of the weakest expansions, but we love spidey, so we love this expansion. Also, you'll get a Carnage mastermind, which is hella-nasty.

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