Marvel Legendary: Venom

We present to you an expansion to Marvel: Legendary,NOT related to the recent Venom movie. Features 100 cards, playable version of Venom and Carnage among others. A special version of the mastermind Thanos, Poison Thanos.

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Marvel Legendary: Venom coming in February 2019

Posted on December 3rd, 2018 by Admin
Deck / Pool Building Hand Management Legendary Sci-Fi Expansion Card Game Cooperative Play
Marvel Legendary: Venom coming in February 2019

Edit 2019-02-13

Some new artwork gives us some clues on new heroes/villians. These two looks like Dr Strange and Rocket Racoon, in venomized versions. But what do we know, judge for yourselves:

Venomized Dr Strange
Could this be venomized Dr Strange ?
Venomized Rocket Racoon
Hmm, venomized Rocket Racoon? He likes explosives, right?

Edit 2018-02-03

The release is delayed, the game will be released no sooner than March.

Edit 2018-12-11:

2 Playable "Heroes" or Villians. Venomized Carnage and Venom.

 What is so far is known this:

  • NOT related to the recent Venom movie. (You know the sucky one with Tom Hardy)
  • Small expansion with 100 cards.
  • 5 new heroes, Carnage and Venom comfirmed so far. Probably Dr Strange and Rocket Racoon aswell.
  • 2 mastermind, one of them a Thanos version.
  • 2 new villian groups
  • 4 new schemes
  • Return of the Excessive Violence keyword, and some brand new mechanics.

Stay tuned as we will update this post as more info emerges.

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Marvel Legendary: World war Hulk

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Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars Volume 1

Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars Volume 2

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Marvel Ledendary: Paint the Town Red

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