Marvel Legendary: Venom coming in February 2019

We present to you an expansion to Marvel: Legendary,NOT related to the recent Venom movie. Features 100 cards, playable version of Venom, Venom Rocket, and Carnage among others. A special version of the mastermind Thanos, Poison Thanos.

Last updated 2019-03-08

Release day: March 5th!


    • NOT related to the recent Venom movie. (You know the sucky one with Tom Hardy)
    • Small expansion with 100 cards.
    • 5 new heroes, CarnageVenom Rocket (Racoon), VenomVenompool, and Venomized Dr Strange.
    • 2 masterminds, one of them Poison Thanos and Hybrid. Both with EPIC versions.
    • Poison Thanos, Epic Version.
      Poison Thanos, Epic Version. Needless to say, this one will be hard to beat. But perhaps; Hulk Smash?
    • 2 new villain groups; 
      • Life foundations (Agony, Dr. Carlton Drake, Lasher x2, Phage, Riot x2, Scream)
      • Poisons. (Poison Captain America, Poison Dr. Octopus, Poison Hulk, Poison Sabretooth, Poison Scarlet Witch, Poison Spider-Man, Poison Storm, Symbiotic Armor)
    • PoisonsMore Poisons
    • 4 new schemes.
    • Return of the Excessive Violence keyword.
    • 3 new keywords confirmed, to start; Digest and Indigestion. They each others opposites, and looks like this:
      Digest 8: <Do something>.
      Indigestion: <Do something else>.
      What this means is, "If you have 8 cards in your victory pile, <do something>. Indigestion, in this case, would be; If you don't have 8 cards in your victory pile <do something else>. 
      This is supposed to be a metaphor for the Symbiotes hunger, and if there is plenty of food (In your victory pile), the Symbiote is happy, if not, he/she gets Indigestion, which may lead to bad stuff... OR good depending on how you look at it.
    • The Poison Bad guys get Symbiotic Bounds, which enables them to combine attack power with another villain.
Symbiotic Bounds mechanic
Symbiotic Bounds mechanic. In this case the villain gets 7 power. Basically, you probably don't want these to combine with the Bribe villains..

The Symbiote Bonds mechanic is used more dramatically with the Life Foundation villains;

Riot Agony

  • Symbiote villains may say "Ambush: Reveal the top card of the Villain Deck. If it’s a villain, it Symbiote Bonds with Riot”
  • This means stack this card onto the specified villain, combining them into a single villain with a combined attack.
  • To fight a combined villain, you must spend the total attack of both villain cards combined.

Then put either one of the villain cards from the combined villain into your victory pile and do that card’s fight effect. The other card from the combined villain stays in that city space, and you don’t do its fight effect.

Some new artwork gives us some clues on new heroes/villains. These two looks like Dr Strange and Rocket Racoon, in venomized versions. These are now confirmed.

Venomized Dr Strange
Venomized Dr Strange.
Venomized Rocket Racoon
Venomized Rocket Racoon, this is confirmed.

New cards

Carnage with some Digest and Indigestion mechanics
Venoms 8 cost card looks mighty good combined with other Venomizers..
Venom Rocket
Venom Rocket is one hungry Racoon. This looks like a very nice card early game. Late game you can just feed it to Carnage below :D
Carnage Violence
Excessive Violence comes back in this expansion.This one lets you eat your not so useful teammates.
Excessive Violence
Another Excessive Violence card. Venom Rocket likes his explosives.. Collateral damage is to be expected.
Venom DigestDigest/Indigestion mechanic. A fully energized Venom is a force to be reckoned with. A Hungry Venom..? Also, notice the combo, get both power and strength.. Nice!

 This expansion should be out in the stores by now, and you can pick it right here!

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