Ticket to Ride: London

Alan R Moon is releasing yet another game for the Ticket to Ride franchise, this time Ticket to Ride:London. Read about it here. Do it.

Days of Wonder has announced Ticket to Ride: London, which is a scaled down version of the original, much like Ticket to Ride: New York, but set in 1970s London.
For those of you unfamiliar with that version, here's a quick rundown of the game play;

Each player starts with a supply of 17 double-decker buses, two transportation cards in hand, and one or two destination tickets that show locations in London. On a turn, you either draw two transportation cards from the deck or the display of five face-up cards (or you take one face-up bus, which counts as all six colors in the game); or you claim a route on the board by discarding cards that match the color of the route being claimed (with any set of cards allowing you to claim a gray route); or you draw two destination tickets and keep at least one of them.

Players take turns until someone has no more than two buses in their supply, then each player takes one final turn, including the player who triggered the end of the game. Players then sum their points, scoring points for (1) the routes that they've claimed during the game, (2) the destination tickets that they've completed (by connecting the two locations on a ticket by a continuous line of their buses), and (3) the districts that they've connected. (A district consists of 2-4 locations, and you score 1-5 points for a district if you link all of its locations to one another with your buses.) You lose points for any uncompleted destination tickets, then whoever has the high score wins!

Ticket to Ride London board
The Ticket to Ride: London board looks simple enough.

Ticket to Ride: London supports 2-4 players, and will take about 10-15 minutes to play.
The game is due in June for Europe, which will have versions in English, French, German, Polish and Italian, and US customers will have to wait to July. There will also be editions for the Japanese and Brazil markets, among many more we're sure.
The designer, Alan R Moon, has this to say about his latest game:

Ticket to Ride: London builds on the excitement of Ticket to Ride: New York. It's slightly bigger, but it feels more wide open, and the new Bonus balances the board and the tickets. Ticket to Ride: New York had taxis, so naturally Ticket to Ride: London has double-decker buses.

The retail price should be around 20 euros/dollars, and if you haven't tried Ticket to Ride: New York yet, you can pick it up here, the price should be the same. Go ahead, do it.

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