Statera Launching on Gamefound

A cool new game from Czech developers FATboardgames, Statera, is in the making. Check it out here.

Statera Launching on Gamefound
Posted November 01, 2022 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Tomáš Chládek and Filip Kráčmar

Get to know Statera

(description by the publisher)

From the Czech developers FATboardgames comes this brand new assymetric game with a REAL scale! Grow your nation and challenge even the powerful Gods or prove yourself the greatest God of all times and win the worship from the Staterans.

Statera Setup
The story of Statera takes place in a fantasy land dominated by gigantic scales. Here the Stateran nations - Chompas and Fauns try to live in peace and harmony, while gods Hanibal, Metatron and Sefara measure their power with cunning god Ferun.

As mentioned in the header, the game is asymmetric - in fact double asymmetric. First asymmetry comes from a different gameplay between Staterans and gods, while the second asymmetry comes from differences between individual factions. Stateran factions are generally recommended for strategy beginners, while gods are definitely more suitable for experienced gamers who want to enjoy some challenge.

The game itself is really easy thanks to the concept of stories, which will guide you not only through each game, but will also tell you a little bit about this new world. With each story you select the number of players, game duration, victory conditions and apply some minor adjustments of the main rules. The concept is just awesome!

Another cool thing that gives the game even more replayability is a modular game map which brings the whole experience to a new dimension (possibility to change the map to more offensive or defensive setup) and of course this fantastic feeling, when you can put a soul to the scales to lean it to your favor - it is just great! Regarding mechanics you can find primarily engine building, action selection, area control or worker placement.

Did we mention a scale? Yes, a scale! Check out this picture:

Statera Scale
The scales are a big part of Statera. This component is both visually appealing and has also a big role in the game mechanics. If you want to know more about them, check out the Statera Gamefound page. And most importantly - it feels damn good to put meeples on the scales lean them to your victory!

This game sure sounds and look interesting, read more about it on the gamefound campaign page, which will start in February, by the way.

Game not released yet, in the meanwhile, check this one out

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