Tanares RPG Kickstarter

A VERY promising RPG project is currently on Kickstarter, Tanares. It's a campaign setting for D&D 5e, and it looks freaking amazing.

Tanares RPG Kickstarter
Posted September 19, 2021 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Ed Greenwood among others.

A VERY promising RPG project is currently on Kickstarter, Tanares. It's a campaign setting for D&D 5e, and it looks freaking amazing. Furthermore, the project is being developed by legends in the business such as Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, Amy Vorpahl, Bruce Nesmith (Skyrim’s lead designer), and several others. Tanares have been developed for more than five years, and promises more than 1,000 plot hooks, adventure ideas, organizations, locations, and more. The campaigns are very customizable and before you set one up, decisions has to be made of the state ofg the world which will affect game play immensely. According to the makers, there will be enough content to be playing for decades. There are hundreds of cities included in the material and one of the coolest things about the setting is that the state of the world revolves around the Avatar Dragons, dragons of immense powers which affects the whole world like so:

The Avatar Dragon Thyra is responsible for the first manifestation of the Malrokian Curse, flooding the entire western portion of the continent millennia ago through a tsunami, killing thousands and ending the history of nations. This also started a storm of epic proportions on the Western Ocean, which shipwrecked every sailor who attempted to navigate too far from the coast.

Once Thyra is dead, either by the actions of the party or by the GM’s whim, what the people call “the Eternal Storm” ends. This causes the region to thrive as the Empire advances to the west, trying to increase its presence in the area. Among other consequences, vessels from a previously unknown civilization cross the Western Ocean and invade the continent, threatening to engage with the Imperial Army in a full-scale war of potentially catastrophic results.

This scenario is the starting point of the Epic Campaign played in the board game Tanares Adventures, but it is only one plot. This book details fifteen other scenarios that you can explore with your party.

The publisher also wants to describe Tanares like this;

Tanares is your go-to setting if you want: • a tense, complex, shifting, fragmented, dystopian, high-fantasy world where adventurers are rare and high-level adventurers even rarer; and • to feel that the spotlight is as much on the party as it is on the PCs, letting you experience what it means to be in a Team of Heroes.

It also comes with a ton of more content like new classes, spells, creatures etc. that you'd expect from a campaign setting of this magnitude. A strong solo play experience is also promised.

Sounds amazing to us, and you should go ahead and join the kickstarter, right here.

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