GigaWatt Kickstarter

A game about replacing your old coal based power plants with renewable energy is about to be release on Kickstarter. Check out GigaWatt.

GigaWatt Kickstarter
Posted February 13, 2022 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Milo van Holsteijn & Wouter Vink


In GigaWatt, the players take control of different regions of Europe, and competes which one of them that can replace all their dirty coal plants with cleaner energy plats, like wind ans solar, in the most efficient manner. Go too fast, and you will risk power outages, and go too slow, and increase the climate change rate. The weather is controlled by random using weather dice, and players will bid for different power plats using auctions and trading with each other. You have a shortage of power right now? Ask your neighbor, she might wan't to sell you some of surplus..

Players will also want to be able to store their power, so investing in different power storage solutions will also be the way forwards, as well as invest in new technology to reach these goals.

board game GigaWatt
A POW of the board game GigaWatt, which is soon avaible on Kickstarter.

GigWatt is developed by a company called A POWER PLAY FOR THE FUTURE, which are based in the Netherlands, and the designers are both newcomers at the scene. A very exciting game, and we are looking forward to playing it. The Kickstarter starts and the 1 st of March, and can be reached here.

This game is about energy, and while you wait, you should have a look at the excellent Power Grid, a classic which is for sale right here.

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