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GigaWatt Kickstarter

News posted February 13, 2022 by Jay Kay

A game about replacing your old coal based power plants with renewable energy is about to be Kickstarted. Here's a brief look.

Iberian Gauge Reprint

News posted June 01, 2021 by Jay Kay

Yay! A reprint of the third game of the wildy hyped series Iron rails series, Iberian Gauge, is coming out on the stores in June!

Dune expansion

News posted 19 October 2020 by Jay Kay

Two additional houses for the excellent board game Dune, Tleilaxu, and Ixians. These factions will bring some new fresh mechanics and obviously everything else you need like tokens, player sheets, rulebook, and 30 cards.

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart

Review posted 16 November 2019 by Jay Kay

Another Monopoly edition, another Monopoly: Gamer edition. Any good? Maybe, have a look.

Dragon's Interest

News posted 07 May 2019 by Jay Kay

Tasty Minstrel Games are planning a Kickstarter release for a interesting (!) game, Dragon's Interest. In this game, the players take the roles of Kings and Queens in dire need of money to restore their broken Kingdoms which has been ravaged by war.
But there are no money to be found, except in the Dragon's lair. He is reasonable, he will lend you some money, with an interest....

Dune the board game is being reprinted

News posted 22 March 2019 by Jay Kay

Gale Force Nine has revealed they are releasing a reprint of the classic board game Dune. Along with this, they are planning to release multiple other Dune based titles, and we are very excited about this, because Dune is freaking awesome. 

Railways of Portugal

News posted 17 December 2018 by Jay Kay

Vital Lacerdas map from Age of Steam is now coming to Railways of the World!
The project will be launched as a kickstarter project, starting at January the 3rd.
Description from the publisher:

Railways of Portugal expands the Railways of the World series with a new map of Portugal designed by Vital Lacerda (The Gallerist, Lisboa, etc.).
You plan and lay track, upgrade your trains, sell goods to other cities, and use operation cards to become the richest in Portugal! Balance your budget wisely, since taking too many bank bonds can ruin your business over the course of the game.
Foreseeing your competitors moves and making well thought out moves for yourself will ensure you an undisputed railroad empire!

New version of Power Grid

News posted 11 December 2018 by Jay Kay

The publisher 2F-Spiele and the designer Friedemann Friese has announced a "Recharged Version" of the classic game, which will replace the old base game, to celebrate Power Grid's 15th anniversary.

The changes will be minimal graphic wise, with rule changes only to improve gameplay such as the updated player order with two rows (as in Power Grid deluxe) so that players can more easily identify who has already taken their turn.

Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race

Review posted 25 March 2017 by 5e7cad8d9062bd0dd4d2fd99

In Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race, players are part of a league of gentlemen adventurers from the British Empire in 1898. They will be trying to construct and launch a Moon rocket before the other players. The player that can best assemble their league’s rocket will be declared the winner.