Dune the board game is being reprinted

The classic board game Dune is being reprinted as we speak! When is it due? Well, now! Read on!

Updated 2019-11-01

Gale Force Nine has revealed they are releasing a reprint of the classic board game Dune, which has been out of print for a long time and will surely make a lot of gamers out there happy. Along with this, they are planning to release multiple other Dune based products, and we are very excited about this because Dune is freaking awesome. 

Among these planned products are board and miniatures games, among other stuff. Before we know it, we'll be covered in sand. Update: The game is now released, but read on, it might not catch your fancy.

For you who haven't played the old version of Dune, it's a fairly complex strategy game in which you control a certain faction and wage war on the other factions. The game supports 2 - 6 players and takes 1 - 3 hours to play. 
The thing is, this is the kind of game you and a group of likeminded individuals has to invest some time into to really enjoy, it will take you a couple of games (spanning 3 hours) to wrap your heads around. The reason it will take 3 hours to play is that you want to play this game with at least 4 players, preferably with 5 or 6. It is unforgiving, like a game of war should be. These facts put together might be a reason this game is not for you, but then again it very well might be.

To put it short, this game is freaking awesome if you have the time and energy for 2-3 hour-long games because you will get rewarded with a truly unique gameplay experience lacking in most modern games today. 

We will not go through the gameplay here, but we might do a review later, meanwhile, read the Dune rulebook, and check out the artwork below.

Dune the board game board
Here's the updated board. Looks very nice.
dune board game 2019 components.

This game is now released,discounted at gamenerdz at the moment.

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