Marvel Legendary: Dr. Strange

Annihilation has not been released at this time, but the next one in line is in the pipe nevertheless. Dr. Strange will join us with his own expansion, Dr Strange & the Shadows at night.

Marvel Legendary: Dr. Strange
Posted June 12, 2021 by Jay Kay
  • Designer(s): Devin Low

This expansion is being relased in July, probably before the long awaited Marvel Legendary: Annihilation. As the title suggests it will revolve around Dr. Strange teaming up with heroes like The Ancient One, Clea, and the Vishanti, trying to defeat the dark arts. This will be a 100 card set.

As of now, little is known except the heroes, which has been confirmed:


  • Doctor Strange
  • Clea
  • Brother Voodoo
  • The Vishanti
  • The Ancient One


  • Nightmare (from the official description)
  • Dormammu (speculation)


  • Zealots (speculation)
  • The Fear Lords (speculation)


  • Dark Memories (speculation)
  • Walking Nightmare (speculation)
  • Something new

This expansion sure has potential, let's see what more info will emerge. And, as always, here's the offical description:

Hunting... Trapping... in the dream dimension, people are stalked by fear. Nightmare, an ageless demon who rules this realm is collecting dream energy from humans and placing the entire world under extradimensional threats from him and his villains. Team up with wondrous heroes and the Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange in this new Legendary expansion where you’ll race to power up your deck with the legendary defender before feeding the dream-stalking enemy with unstoppable power!

Doctor Strange returns to Legendary bringing more mystic heroes to join the vast pool of amazing super-heroes!

This expansion has not been released, but the said date is July -21

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