War Games genré

Sometime there's a thin line between War games and, well, not War Games. We hope we have made this clear.

Super Fantasy Brawl

News posted June 23, 2019 by Jay Kay

Another miniature game is on the horizon; This time a fighting style where your champions duke it out in an arena. The players create a team of three unique champions, all which comes with their own mini-deck of six cards which define their individual attacks, skills, and reactions.
The game is made for one on one fighting, however, it does support 4 players as well, the more the merrier, and more chaotic, we'd imagine.

The Silver River

News posted March 16, 2019 by Jay Kay

The Silver River is a  new 4X game, currently on Kickstarter, designed by Robert Burke and Nate Blivins, and artwork byt Ton Ho Sim.
You should really read on because this game looks good indeed.

Undaunted: Normandy

News posted March 13, 2019 by Jay Kay

Osprey Games have announced a interesting looking war game for two players, which will be released in August 2019.

What's interesting about so far is the artwork by Roland MacDonald and the fact that it's a card game. 

Athens: The Birth of Politics

News posted January 19, 2019 by Jay Kay

Up and Away Games had recently released Athens: the Birth of Politics, in this game players  struggle with Persians, Spartans and their own people as they build their empire. Cooperate and compete to manage its fortunes, especially its politics, wars and government. 

Players must constantly balance personal advancement against the security of the state. They trade and fight to build up the empire, vie for power in the Assembly and on the battlefield. But to grow in size and power only attracts the unwelcome attention of rivals, not just your opponents, but also foreign powers like Persia, Syracuse, Thebes and most deadly of all, Sparta.